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Auto Repair Mobile Mechanic is your best choice for certified mobile diagnostics. It is such a convenience to have a mobile mechanic that can come to your house to do small repairs and diagnostics.

Do you need repairs to your car, truck, boat or RV?

Do you want to save money on the cost of your repairs?

Do you want to avoid the hassle of going to a repair shop?

A mobile mechanic can solve all of these problems. Mobile mechanics are professional, licensed and insured technicians that come directly to your home or workplace for your convenience. They provide repair services for virtually any vehicle, and their prices are usually lower than traditional mechanic shops.

Why Use a Mobile Mechanic?

Benefits of Using a Mobile Mechanic: You can save money on repairs with a mobile mechanic. The cost of labor is often cheaper than at traditional shops, because they have significantly lower overhead costs. Also, they don’t have technicians standing around doing nothing while waiting for cars to work on, so they keep their rates lower.

Convenience: A mobile mechanic simply comes to you at the time and place that is most convenient for you. You don’t have to take time off from work to get your car fixed or go out of your way when you have other things to do. If you need service for your RV, boat or motorcycle, a mobile mechanic will also come directly to where it is stored. If it’s not running, they can


My Mechanic came to me! What is Obd

So you’re driving down the road and all of a sudden, your check engine light comes on. Your first thought is, “What did I do now?” You didn’t hit anything, so how could the engine be broken?

Then you start thinking about what that could mean. Is it something small or expensive? Will my car die right here on the side of the road? Are there going to be other issues besides just that one light?

First off, let’s address some basic questions: What is an OBD-II port, what does it do and how can it help you when your check engine light comes on?

OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics. It’s a system built into your car that monitors performance of the engine and emissions systems. In 1996, the federal government mandated that all cars sold in the U.S. come with this system installed.

The port itself is a 16-pin connector that’s usually located in easy-to-access places like under the steering wheel or behind ashtrays. The OBD-II port allows you to connect specialized computers to your car to read and clear trouble codes from various modules (components) in your vehicle. Every car manufacturer has its own diagnostic computer and software, so it’s not uncommon for mechanics to have different tools for different makes of cars.

The OBD-II port can unlock the secrets of your car. It’s pretty common for people to plug in an OBD-II scanner when the Check Engine Light comes on. The scanner can read trouble codes, which are stored when the Check Engine Light comes on, so you can figure out what needs to be fixed.

While it’s easy enough to take your car into a mechanic and have him or her scan the trouble codes, there are plenty of great scanners available that you can use yourself. This guide will get you started on using OBD-II scanners, including some of our favorites.


A car diagnostic app is a handy feature for your vehicle. This app can help you save time and money. If a problem arises with your car, you can use this tool to analyze the issue and fix it.

What is a Car Diagnostic App?

This type of app allows you to scan your car’s diagnostic code to find out why the “check engine” light is on. A diagnostic code lets you know what needs to be repaired and in many cases, how urgently. With this information, you can take action if it is an emergency or schedule an appointment with your mechanic during regular business hours if it isn’t.

An in-car diagnostic app saves you the trouble of having to go to your mechanic every time there is a problem with your vehicle. Instead, you can use your smartphone to analyze the issue and fix it yourself if possible..



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