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Starting and Charging System


Starter & Alternator

Is your car having trouble starting or your alternator isn't charging properly?
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Know your vehicle is experiencing an issue, but not sure what the problem is? Let our mechanic perform a proper diagnostic today.
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Battery And Electrical


Battery And Electrical

Experiencing battery or an electrical issue? Give us a call to get this repaired today.
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Our mechanics can provide most repairs at your front door. Let us get you back on the road today.
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Mobile Mechanic Orlando

Imagine it is Monday morning rush hour and you are in the middle of the highway going to work when suddenly your car bogged down. You are late for a meeting. You are sweating and your white long sleeves got dirty as you try to check and fix your own car. But to no avail. You need not worry, Auto Repair Mobile Mechanic Orlando, Florida is an automotive mechanic that provides speedy solution to your car problems. You do not need to call for a towing service or physically bring your car to us. We will come right to you.

Choose Mobile Auto Repair – Mobile Mechanic Orlando, FL and find out for yourself the difference that we can do to your automobile. We maximize the latest technology along with our very own knowledge, expertise, experience to provide service, maintenance, and auto repair problem solutions.

Ever since we started, our main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by giving you the right car diagnosis and recommendations. We want you to take your car back in the best of condition as if you just bought it the other day. Add into it is fully finishing our job on the day you called us. We have ASE certified car specialists who have nothing in mind but to ease your way through the day with fixing your car right at where you need it. Our car specialists will bring the right tools, knowledge and training to you.


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We assure you that we will do the right fixing and will provide additional preventive maintenance to help you avoid further damage to your car. Of course, for other repairs you deem is needed in your car, we will be happy to do it for you.


Your satisfaction guaranteed once you avail of our services! We can reach you at any location in Orlando, Florida to fix your vehicle. We only give high-standard of service with the most affordable rates. We will fix your car in no time. We can’t reiterate enough how much we invest in the latest technology on automotive mechanic to give you only the best service.


Our car specialists will ensure you and your car is in a safe location as they do actual repairs or maintenance. If your car issue is quite complicated than expected, Mobile Auto Repair – Mobile Mechanic Orlando, Florida is connected to several professional mechanics in the area. They help us give you in depth auto repairs. We value our customers so much that we are willing to run an extra mile for you. We are known for our excellent customer service here in Orlando. We are happy to assist you in any of your needs.

Auto Repair Service

Skip the hassle of waiting at a shop or for a tow truck when your car breaks down. Call us anytime and we will quickly send our car specialist in your location. Further, we provide a 12-month warranty, 12000 miles guarantee. We can also assist you in purchasing car parts inclusive of car repair estimates. All these for the most affordable rate you can find in the whole of Orlando, Florida!

So talk to any of our mobile mechanics to address any of your automotive issues without delay.

Requesting for auto diagnostics, repairs and maintenance is easy! Simply give us a call at Mobile Auto Repair – Mobile Mechanic Orlando, Florida.

Leave all your car worries on us! We guarantee you the best car service in the whole of Orlando. All you have to do is call us and our professional car mobile mechanic will come to you very place – at home, office or anywhere you are!

Know that you are on top of our mind. Your convenience, value for money and satisfaction are our driving force to provide the best service we can. We value each of our relationship with our customers and want them to keep coming back to avail of our services. That is why, we do not stop with what we have, but rather we take care of our specialists’ growth in this industry by sending them to advanced automotive courses and in advancing our technological tools too!

We know that only with having the right people who can do the right job can we do the right service with you! So never worry on whether you will get the right service from us, because that will always be part of our success indicators.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that with the best service comes expensive rates. We give the most affordable rates on auto diagnostics, repairs and maintenance in Orlando, Florida. So, budget should not be part of your worry. We can customize our rates on your budget.

Call us! We will be happy to assist you in any car problems you may have.



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Your Automotive Repair & Maintenance Service Mobile Mechanic in Fort Lauderdale Florida and surrounding areas. We offer most general repairs with the best mobile mechanic. We provide all of the important services for your automotive needs. We are here for all your auto mechanic needs. Ask about our small and major car repairs.

Over twenty years experience in auto repair and delivering excellence. We are your top vehicle repair service in orange county.

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